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What to Look For in a Meat Dehydrator

Written on March 27, 2024   By   in BUSINESS

Dehydrating foods allows you to preserve them in a form that requires no refrigeration and can be stored for an extended period. Fruits, vegetables, and even meat can be preserved this way so they are ready to eat at any time without worrying about spoilage. Dehydration removes the water that allows food to go bad quickly so you can be prepared for unexpected food emergencies.A quality meat dehydrator will have a wide variety of settings to allow you to make the types of food you need at a moment’s notice, including jerky, fruit leather, vegetable chips, herbs and more.

Industrial Strength: Choosing the Right Dehydrator for Your Business

It will also have a glass door so you can monitor your work without disturbing it or interrupting the drying process. Look for a unit that comes fully assembled and is easy to set up with clear instructions for operating the controls.

There are two main styles of dehydrators to choose from: horizontal flow and vertical flow. Horizontal flow units have heavy-duty drying fans that mount on the back or sides and are geared towards more professional jobs with larger batches of food. The other type is a vertical flow dehydrator that blows air upward over the trays and is usually smaller for home use.

When looking for a good meat dehydrator, consider how many trays you need. Some models only have a handful of trays while others can hold up to 20 or more. If you plan on making a lot of jerky, a model with more trays will give you better results. Also check how easy it is to clean the trays and the lid, since this will be a frequent task.

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