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Vancouver Mushroom Store Raids

Written on December 8, 2023   By   in Shopping

shroom store vancouver

While many shroom stores vancouver may only be familiar with cannabis, there’s a whole new crop of mind-altering drugs that are growing in popularity. Mushrooms are one of them and can be found in gummies, tea bags and chocolate bars from various stores around the city. Whether you’re looking for a light experience or a full trip, these edibles can give you the same effects as psilocybin. They can also be used to help ease depression, anxiety or stress.

While the federal government has legalized cannabis, it’s still illegal to traffic psilocybin and other psychedelics in Canada unless you’re working on a clinical trial for them. That’s why Dana Larsen, a longtime drug policy reform advocate who runs three mushroom stores in the Downtown Eastside, launched his own community drug-testing service last year to provide Vancouver residents with an alternative to buying their drugs on the street.

Beyond the Ordinary: A Journey Through Vancouver’s Shroom Stores

His shop is open to walk-ins and sells “psilocybin mushrooms, kratom, coca leaf and other stimulants” to people over the age of 19 at his storefront on East Hastings Street. His other two locations, on West Broadway and Granville Street, were raided by police on Wednesday.

Despite the raids, Larsen believes his stores’ existence will ultimately help push government to legalize substances like psilocybin and marijuana. “Canada probably wouldn’t be where it is now with cannabis legalization without people like us who were able to kind of do civil disobedience and open stores,” he tells Insider.

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