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Ozempic Weight Loss Stories

Written on October 10, 2023   By   in Blog

By now you’ve probably heard about the diabetes drug Ozempic weight loss stories, which prompts pretty drastic weight loss. And, if you’re on social media, you might have seen a slew of people sharing their experiences with it — the good, the bad, and the ugly side effects. But what many of these stories lack is context.

For some, Ozempic has been a lifesaver. The weekly injection of the drug, formally known as semaglutide, is meant to be administered underneath the skin of your abdomen, thigh or upper arm to help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar and lose weight. But the drug quickly became a social-media-fueled fad that prompted more people to seek out off-label prescriptions for it, which is what exacerbated a supply shortage in 2022.

Real People, Real Results: Ozempic Weight Loss Journeys Shared

The reason behind those prescriptions varies, but most of the time the drugs are meant to reduce or maintain a person’s weight and manage their diabetes, according to Dr. Rekha B Kumar, associate professor of medicine at Cornell and Chief Medical Officer at Found. Ozempic and the similar Wegovy work by mimicking a hormone that signals the stomach to feel full and suppresses appetite. But, for most people, maintaining those changes requires a commitment to exercise and diet.

And that can be hard. NBC News interviewed seven people who have been taking Ozempic for between one and two and a half years, and all of them agreed that it was not a fast pass to good health. In fact, they all said that, while the medication helped them shed weight or lower their blood sugar levels, it took a significant amount of effort to keep those improvements going once they were off Ozempic.

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