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Lion King Decorations For a Savanna-Style Party

Written on January 22, 2023   By   in Shopping

Whether you’re hosting a Lion King birthday party or simply want to bring out the jungle in your next event, these savanna-style decorations will have your guests roaring with delight. Combined with a beastly feast, these ideas will transform your venue into Simba’s African kingdom!

Lion King – Decorations / Party Supplies: Toys & Games

Invitations: Start your theme off right with a personalised Lion King invitation. Send out a lion-themed card to all guests that includes the date and time of the party, the guest of honor’s name, as well as the venue address.

Lion king decorations party: To keep guests entertained, have some fun with a few games that are inspired by the movie. One game you can play is to put a plastic lion or other animal figure in a box and have kids guess what it is without looking. Another is to make skittles using old water bottles and lining them with green card decorated with palm leaves.

Sweet Treats: If you’re looking for a dessert that will be sure to get the young cubs squealing with delight, try a Lion King cupcake. For a more simple dessert, you can serve some chocolate-covered Oreos that are dressed up as lions.

Favors: To thank your guests for coming to the party, fill their goody bags with goodies that feature the lion king movie and characters. These include a CD of songs from the film, a DVD, white chocolate lollipops that are shaped like animals and Lion King stickers.

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