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How to Assess the Safety of CBD Products Online

Written on February 29, 2024   By   in Blog

CBD Products Online

By now, you’ve probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD). This non-psychoactive component of hemp is touted as a treatment for everything from anxiety to insomnia and pain related to multiple sclerosis. It’s even been found to ease seizures in some children with epilepsy. In fact, a prescription form of CBD called Epidiolex has been approved by the FDA to treat rare seizure disorders. But when it comes to a wide variety of other CBD-infused supplements, there’s little evidence on how well they work or whether they’re safe. Read more

The best way to assess a product’s safety is to check its certificate of analysis or COA. Most reputable CBD brands will display their COA on their website or make it easy for you to request one. The report will usually list a range of compounds, including how much CBD and other cannabinoids like THC and CBN are in the product. It may also note possible contaminants, such as heavy metals.

CBD and Gut Health: Exploring Online Supplements

It’s important to consider your total daily exposure to CBD. Taking too much could have negative side effects, while not getting enough won’t provide any clinical benefit. For instance, the updated consumer advice for CBD food products is 10mg per day. This translates to one or two gummies for most people. You should consult with your doctor if you’re taking other medications or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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