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Heavy Duty Casters

Written on February 8, 2023   By   in Blog

Heavy duty casters are the critical hardware that attaches to the bottom of carts, dollys, and other material handling equipment. They provide a sturdy base for your items and are used in many industries, including medical, automotive, warehouses, shopping carts, and construction. Read more

Casters can be made of a variety of materials and fastening types, but the main consideration is your load capacity and how often the cart or project will be moved. In addition to this, you must also consider the caster wheel size and the type of mounting surface it will be mounted on.

Plate casters are the most common type of caster. They have a flat mounting surface and are typically secured with four holes at each corner.

How to Choose the Right Size Heavy Duty Caster for Your Application

Stem casters are different than plate casters and have a wheel that is fixed in a stem that fits into a mounting frame. They are also commonly used for heavier items because they offer more weight-bearing.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for casters because it can be used in corrosive environments. It is also resistant to rust and is easy to clean.

Nylon casters are another popular choice for moving lightweight and delicate equipment. They are abrasion-resistant and can bear a fairly large load.

Rubber casters are softer than other materials and offer more traction on hard surfaces. They also offer less friction and noise, which is ideal for sensitive goods.

Aluminum casters are another good option for heavier pieces of equipment. They can handle a larger load and are easier to move than other options, but they are not as resilient or durable as other materials.

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