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Grip Boost Gloves and Tyreek Hill – Branding and Marketing

Written on February 8, 2023   By   in Blog

grip boost gloves

Two years of iterative product development between football players and chemical engineers led to the creation of Grip Boost Football Gel. It’s the first product to restore a football glove’s sticky grip without leaving residue on the ball.

Maintain Your Gloves’ Sticky Grips

Most football gloves lose their tackiness or grip boost gloves | GAIN THE EDGE after a few days of practice or game. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your gloves tackified. The 2 best methods include sun drying your palm after each use and alternating between 2 pairs of gloves.

Tyreek Hill – Branding and Marketing

Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest players in the NFL and relies on Grip Boost on the field. As the brand’s first professional player, he has helped promote the brand through Instagram and YouTube.

Take Your Game to the Next Level with Grip Boost Gloves: The Ultimate Sports Gear

Campaign Performance: 2.4M views, 800,000 engagements and +118% growth in social media followers.

The Brand:

When we began working with Grip Boost, the brand was struggling to ignite season sales. We worked with the founders to create video and photo shoots, packaging alternatives, a new website and exhibit to help elevate the brand’s exposure and drive consumer awareness of the product.

A Challenger Brand in the Football Glove Market

The team at Grip Boost combines their proprietary grip technology with an optimized product fit to deliver gloves that exceed industry mainstays. Their goal is to become the premier brand in the football glove market.

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