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Car Park Coating Installation

Written on December 9, 2023   By   in Blog

car park coating installation

Car park coating installation is a challenging task. The concrete surfaces need to be impermeable and resistant against abrasion, impact and chemical contaminants. At the same time, they must be aesthetically pleasing and provide clear line markings for car parking areas.

One of the most important factors when choosing a car park floor coating system is to ensure that it is safe for pedestrian use and can withstand the heat generated by hot tires. Another crucial factor is to choose a product that offers good chemical and UV resistance, as well as a high level of abrasion resistance.

Concrete car park floors are exposed to many different stresses, both mechanical (car tyres and wheel movement) and chemical (oil, brake fluid, water and road salt). All of these can wear down the surface and cause concrete dusting, abrasion, water penetration and corrosion of steel reinforcement.

Smooth Surfaces Ahead: Navigating the Process of Car Park Coating Installation with Precision

A solution to this problem is to use a high-performance polyurethane traffic deck coating with a hard-wearing, anti slip finish. It is ideal for reducing maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of the pavement and concrete structure.

Flowcrete’s range of waterproofing and abrasion-resistant solutions are suitable for basement and multi-storey car parks, including the undersides of upper decks. These products are easy to apply, offer long-term durability and can be used on new construction or on existing car parks in need of repair or resurfacing.

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