[row][column width=”2/4″]treeeeeee[/column][column width=”1/4″]Let’s go camping!

When a French duke, his daughter, and an assortment of noble and variously ridiculous followers are exiled by a usurper, they seek refuge in the woods. Political exile quickly turns into a pastoral romp of typically Shakespearean proportions, including gender-bending disguises, misplaced affections, and an angry lion.

We’re taking this show to its pastoral roots with free performances in Prospect Park and Fort Greene Park. Come escape the politics of the outside world with us for a summer evening of love and mischief![/column][column width=”1/4″]


Cast and Crew

Rosalind: Alexandra Gellner
Orlando de Boys: Hunter Scott MacNair
Celia: Tora Alexander
Olivia de Boys: Mandy Jo Heiser
Silvius/Charles: Patrick Simas
Phebe and others: Lei-Lei Bavoil
Jaques/Le Beau: Darby Davis
Touchstone: Ilan Ben-Yehuda
Audrey and others: Wolf CR
Duke Senior/Duke Frederick/Sir Oliver Martext: Jim Anderson
Corin/Amiens/Jaques de Boys/Court Lord: Matthew Tiemstra
Director: Rebecca Etzine
Producer and Fight Choreographer: Joseph Labatt
Production Stage Manager: Kendall Allen
Costume Design: Janice Ferger
Music: Sam Kessler


[row][column width=”2/4″]Tickets![/column][column width=”1/4″]

We love your enthusiasm, but you don’t need a ticket for this show! We recommend a $5 donation when you’re at the park, but no need to reserve in advance!

If you are absolutely bursting with desire to give us money right now, we do welcome online donations of any size to help keep our programs up and running – click here to support our cause.[/column][column width=”1/4″]



July 15-17, 22-24, and 30 in Prospect Park by the Music Pagoda (see map below)

July 29 and 31 in Fort Greene Park by the Martyrs’ Monument (see map below)


All shows run from 7-9pm

In the event of inclement weather:
We’ll do our best to keep each performance running, but our shows are subject to delay or cancellation at the discretion of our staff in the event of inclement weather such as lightning and/or heavy rain. In the event of bad weather, we will post status updates to social media, so please check in on our Facebook or Twitter for more updates on show status!


Admission is free, although we recommend a $5 donation (or more if you’re feeling munificent) to help us keep our programs running!


Prospect Park – by the Music Pagoda

Fort Greene Park – by the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument